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Know your why.

Why will you commit to the #SFSys program's journey?  

Challenges got you down?

Problems do not tell us anyone is failing at #SFSys; they are indicators of many possibilities that we identify, address, assess, and improve wherever needed. We show how to live beyond blame games in #blendedfamily & co-#parenting life.

Looking forward to working together upon our return. For those following my story, I am still stage 3 CKD, but have shown improvement and I can't wait to get back to work full-time.
~Tricia, Executive Dir.
Family Mediator & Stepfamily Assimilation Strategist

The Academy Experience is not just another book to read. It is personalized planning for impact!

Options Matter

We are changing our format and look forward to bringing you an easier method of participation! 

Additional Important Information

Research. If you have submitted your name for our research efforts, you might not get called right away. However, when you do, you will first receive the:
Client/Research Participant Rights Disclosure in your EMail must be returned before services begin or the research activities start.

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New Academy format on its way!
New Academy format on its way!