Partner Impact Days Oct 1 - Dec 31, annually



We all know someone that has experienced divorce as a child or has been through the process of marital dissolution; it hurts. Depending on the source, common stats indicate about half of today's marriages will end in divorce.

Second marriages that include children from previous unions dissolve at an even higher rate and are the heart of our focus. at Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center.


Ways Impact Partners Help

 When you become a Stepfamily Systems (#SFSys) Co-Parenting Center Impact Partner, you help with:

If we can't reach the adults who are influencing and co-raising kids, impact is diminished; we have to be easy to recognize, find, and access.

VISIBILITY & Recognition
We don't have bell-ringing Santas or shaking, puppy-dog commercials nor do we have it in the budget to give donors gifts like blankets as a thank you for caring.  All this is part of branding. Brand positioning matters to recognition and growth.

We have a logo and a tag line to finish developing then trademark. We have outreach billboards and commercials to pursue. #SFSys Impact partners help in many ways. 

BILLBOARDS & getting found
Advertising works and we are aiming for a billboard campaign to reach commuting parents and stepparents. Costs vary by state, city, and location, but here is an example of one:
$3,500 Northbound and $3,000 Southbound on the freeway - per month. Add to this phone book, Internet ads and other forms of outreach. These expenses are out-of-reach for a budding flower in a big field of family helpers. But outreach is a must if we are going to have a meaningful impact with our 


WEBSITE & all things techy is on standby to take over website design and ongoing site management. They will bring all our links together - the Academy, Donor buttons, Partner and Client portals.  .

TALK SHOW & radio exposure
We have already been a guest on several Internet talk venues. We also have gad a trial run of our own show titled Stepfamily Straight Talk. We had a major talk show venue offer that was tabled during a residential transition that is ready for resurrection with syndication options in the future.  

Radio and TV option costs are covered most easily by Corporate Impact Partners.
The cost? Depends on slot, length of program, and frequency and thousands of dollars monthly.

How often do you tune into your favorite show? Help us reach parents who feel too busy to read a book thru the Internet, radio, and tv shows. .

FACILITIES & core mission expenses
We are seeking a new store front or a building with land as a lease donation for our Stepfamily Systems campus.

It is here that you will help make one-to-one services and impact powerful with focus rooms for services:
Parent library, age-appropriate children and teen activities, appointment areas, staff & programs development.   

We had our eye on an abandoned school and more recently an old building to renovate in SoCal. Even a large home estate in a re-zoning area would work.

After we secure a new facility for our main home office, there are still core mission expenses to cover monthly. Among others, these include event liability policy, program expenses, memberships and other on-going costs like utilities, programs-related expenses for printing, mailing, and staff.


Will you help? It is our pleasure to give back to our supporters.

Today your donation helps a parent find hope after being alienated from a child; it means more smiles and fewer tears at bedtime for Jr.; it helps reduce the risks of child and spousal maltreatment; it helps children become better-focused students in class and in their homework environments enabling them to reach for their highest and best in life.

Business owners: Add social good to your advertising dollars. Inquire about becoming Academy or talk show sponsors at: