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Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center (SFSys) serves bio and step parents, some grandparents, too,  co-raising kids after divorce or step/blended-family formation through specialty planning, consulting, coaching, and non-court, mediation-based support. 

BEFORE tying the knot: 1) Advance Assimilation Planning before the fairy tale or dreams of a perfect family become a nightmare.  Academy highlights provided.  

2) A RiChTeR BLeNd. - a newsletter with benefits.

AFTER the commitment and during challenging times:  

1) The Academy can change everything.  

2) Telecare (phone and video sessions).

3) A RiChTeR BLeNd - a newsletter with benefits.

Before, During and After:

Attend the annual 


and other events.

To support our programs, mission, and outreach, your Donations are payable to:

Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center

Mail to:
[C/O Tricia Powe, Co-Founder]
1861 Hideaway Pl., 104
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Online Donations Day: #GivingTuesday 12/3/19


Co-Parenting and Stepfamily Stabilization utilizing the arts, sports, entertainment and community services.

Four, key parts:

1) Connections - mentors
and Ambassadors

2) Collaboration - the village of support
3) Education - the #SFSys Academy's
Solution Points

4) Motivation - building a foundation of shared memories 


Follow @StepfamilyTalk on Twitter for free support, tips, and insights. 

Facebook Pages are less active. Hoping to hire sufficient staff after #GivingTuesday 12/3:

for Co-Parenting moms and dads, and step/bonus parents after blended-family formation 

for Christian households 

for Step/Bonus moms

Why We Matter

When conflicts arise, Family Law and Therapy have their place but not everyone wants to go court to fight it out or to go to the couch to talk it out.
1) Family dissolution rates are still high, even though divorce rates are not reflecting the decline of the unit. Cohabiting is on the rise, but less stable - today's trial marriage or cohabitation experiments with living together essentially say, "Try it, you might like it and if you don't find compatibility, you won't be looking at divorce." But considering the non-marital birth rates, custody and co-parenting issues and concerns about former/new spousal and child maltreatment under stress of finances or high-conflict like Parental Alienation behaviors are just as important as ever. 

While the co-founder works on kidney recovery, she is busy writing, and  re-organizing with a new outreach model, building the Board of Directors and Advisory Board, seeking a new, specialized facility in the Corona - Riverside - Temescal Valley area of Southern California to serve the country and wherever the Internet travels, we still want to hear from you.  Use the contact us form below.

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Co-parenting and stepfamily stabilization support with an entertaining twist! Who says support has to be boring?

Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center

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