Not your average co parenting classes because co-raising kids is ...

not for the faint-hearted or the ill-prepared. Come, create a unique family map with us to help get you where you want to be.

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Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit serving moms and dads in their biological and step roles, and some grandparents, too, with a non-court alternative for conflict prevention and resolution.  

Our first presentation was given in 1990. We won our IRS 501(c)3 recognition in spring of 2016.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Don't miss out on having a square or two in our Quilt of Love & Commitment project! We are hoping to see it grow as big as the Angel's baseball diamond to honor step/blended-families! Fill out the form for more information, (Between now & #GivingTuesday!)


Co-Parenting and Stepfamily Stabilization 

Connect | Collaborate | Educate | Equip & Motivate adults co-raising kids to reach for their highest & best success after Family Court often leaves co parenting adults into chronic battles.

For greatest impact, this involves many, from small businesses to corporations with a heart for social good, community leaders and partnerships with churches, community resources, other nonprofits and schools; literary, visual, and performing arts; sports and entertainment venues where positive, shared family-memories can be created because broken hearts need more than co parenting classes.

Why We Matter to You

Family Law is a win-lose setting often making things worse & judges are wild cards. Group or Individual therapy is not a choice some will accept so they do not engage fully during sessions. Frankly, some parents will refuse to cooperate - ever. Hence, second families with children from other relationships continue to dissolve at high rates.
Now what?
Get prepared. Preparation reduces stress. Our co-parenting and stepfamily care model becomes a parent's or stepparent's go-to partner 24/7. It can also be personalized and customized for each family. This equips the committed bio/step parent for the best outcome.

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Co-parenting and stepfamily stabilization support with an entertaining twist! Who says support has to be boring?

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